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We’re a team of passionate medical professionals dedicated to making orthodontics easy to understand.

Hi! happy to have you here!

I’m Adriana Sim, a licensed orthodontist based in Brasov, Romania. I graduated from dental school in 2010 and finalized my three-year orthodontic program in 2015.

During my years of formation, I realized that learning how braces work and attending courses was incredibly fun and engaging.

I’ve treated many patients throughout my career, and their transformations have been very rewarding, but I get most excited when I’m asked to explain a concept or solve a puzzle.

Braces Know How is where I put this passion to good use and fill in the gaps in information online.

Our Team

Orthodontics is a long-term relationship not only with our patients but also with our colleagues.

Adriana Sim, DMD
Orthodontist, Blogger
Ama Herath
Medical Illustrator