Green Braces: 7 Inspiring Combinations to Try at Least Once!

When wearing traditional braces, the thought of adding a pop of color can make the process a bit more exciting. Green braces can be a cheerful, vibrant color choice. In my practice, I’ve seen patients go with green for a variety of reasons, from school spirit to just loving the color.

However, picking the right shade of green can be a bit tricky. You want to be sure it complements your skin tone and eye color and doesn’t risk turning yellow. In this article, we’ll cover the most popular shades of green you can choose from and a few fun combos to mix things up.

Is Green a Good Color for Braces?

In my practice, I’ve noticed that green isn’t the go-to color for everyone. Patients are afraid that green will give the impression that there’s food stuck in their teeth. Not a look to be intentionally aiming for.

Interestingly, many school-aged boys still go for standard green, attracted by its bold, energetic appearance. Don’t get me wrong, regular green can still look nice, but if we mix things up, there’s more to green braces than just one shade.

So here’s how to make green braces look interesting:

  • Choose an unusual shade. Green hues like lime and mint are something else; they can look exceptionally striking against dark skin tones. Vibrant light greens look fresh and really stand out.
  • Try a color combination. You can use similar colors or contrasting ones and even play around with shades of green.
  • Take advantage of your hair and skin color. Emerald green braces and red hair? Guaranteed to draw attention.

Green is usually a stain-resistant color that lasts a long time and doesn’t fade. But just like with other braces colors, light shades don’t follow this rule. So, if you’re a fan of soft colors and pastel ligatures, keep in mind that their pigment will discolor in just a few short weeks.

And speaking of looking fresh, remember that maintaining any braces color means keeping up with your hygiene regime. Nobody wants to showcase green braces with a side of plaque. And even something as innocent as energy drinks can turn green braces into an unattractive yellow.

Lastly, keep in mind that green is a unique color that doesn’t match all outfits. Do you have neutral clothes in your wardrobe? Choose hunter or forest green to match those earthy tones. Are you getting ready for summer? Go with mint or emerald green to flatter that sun-kissed skin.

Green Braces Shades at the Orthodontist

Heading to the orthodontist? You’ll find a whole spectrum of green braces there. But remember, the exact shade can vary between brands, so it’s a good idea to check their specific color samples first.

If you’re not a fan of standard green, remember there are a few more options that will surely match your taste and complexion. Your braces journey will be long, so why not give them a try?

Darker greens like forest green are bold and give off a classic, strong vibe. The darker the shade, the brighter your teeth will look by contrast. Guys love to wear dark green ligatures. They’re pretty versatile and work well with different styles.

Then you’ve got your neon green – it’s bright and full of energy. Just a heads-up, though: it tends to be transparent and show stains more, so if you’re a fan of things like curry or red wine, you might notice it.

Lighter greens, such as mint or lime green, look fresh and appealing. Pastel greens are lovely if you can find them. However, light shades can change color over time and turn yellow, especially with certain foods and drinks.

Emerald green, in particular, is vibrant and stunning – it really makes a statement, especially for formal occasions. I like to mix it up with teal for a subtle but beautiful effect.

Aside from all these shades, there are also a couple of textures to choose from. You can get glittery ligatures, shimmery ones, or shiny metallic ones. My advice is to stay away from anything transparent – they’re not as bold as the solid colors and can fade quickly.

Green Braces: Different Skin & Hair Types

When you’re considering green braces, the right shade can complement your natural features and really make a statement. Let’s explore how different green hues can harmonize with your skin tone and hair color.

Green Braces on Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, the bold contrast of certain greens can be stunning. Lime and mint green braces are the most popular ones for patients with brown skin, since they offer a stark and lively contrast.

For a deeper, more sophisticated look, emerald green braces can be equally striking. They pop without overwhelming your features, so be sure to give them a try.

Green Braces on Light Skin

For a look that leans toward masculine and composed, dark greens like forest green are a go-to when you have a lighter skin tone.

These darker shades lend an earthy, natural aesthetic that doesn’t compete with your skin but rather enhances it. Dark greens are subtle enough not to dominate a person’s overall appearance, yet distinctive enough to notice.

Hair Colors and Green Braces

When choosing green ligatures for your braces, consider your hair color to create a harmonious look. For dark brown hair, regular green is an excellent choice. It’s a timeless and natural match that enhances the richness of brown tones.

For those with ash-blonde hair, dark forest green is a great option. This combination offers a subtle yet striking contrast, bringing out the cool tones in your hair.

Mint green is perfect for auburn hair, adding a fresh and lively touch that complements the warmth of red and brown tones.

Lime green pairs well with golden blonde hair. Its brightness adds a playful and vibrant flair, making your smile stand out.

Emerald green is a sophisticated choice for brunette hair. This rich, deep shade enhances the elegance of darker hair colors.

Lastly, neon green is bold and versatile. It works especially well with extreme hair colors like jet black or platinum blonde, making a daring fashion statement.

Remember, these are just guidelines. The most important thing is to choose colors that make you feel confident and happy.

7 Green Braces Combinations to Keep Things Fun

In my practice, I’ve seen how choosing the right braces colors can really brighten someone’s smile. Green may not always be the obvious choice, but you won’t know how well it might suit you until you give it a try. Let’s explore some exciting green braces combinations that will keep your look fresh and fun.

1. Red and Green Braces

Pairing red and green braces can give you a look that’s bold and full of contrast—it’s a classic combination. This duo is especially popular around the winter holidays, but you can switch things up by playing with different types of green and red. In the example below, you can see lime green paired with hot red.

Green and red braces

2. Blue and Green Braces

Blue and green braces are a classic, but you can go a step further. Choose dark greens and dark blues for a subtle masculine look. In this example, we used a metallic hunter green and a shimmery dark blue. Blue and green work well if you have cooler undertones in your skin or simply love the idea of a calm, collected color scheme.

Dark green and blue braces

3. Pink and Green Braces

For a playful and eye-catching look, try pink and green braces. This combination is vibrant and full of life; it’s perfect if you enjoy standing out in a crowd. Light pinks can give a soft appearance, while brighter pinks command more attention. Play around with pastels, like we did with this mint and baby pink combination. Keep in mind, though, that this combination can stain easily.

Mint green and baby pink braces

4. Green and Teal Braces

Green and teal together can create an exotic and harmonious blend that’s both soothing and stylish. It’s a great choice if you’re aiming for a subtle yet colorful look. These colors mimic natural tones, so earthy-colored apparel will complement your braces nicely.

Green and teal braces

5. Green and White Braces

Green and white braces offer a crisp, clean look. The white brings out the brightness of the green, making your teeth shine. Opt for this combo if you’re going for an understated but chic style. Use dark green bands for more contrast or lime green for more lively tones.

Lime green and white braces

6. Green and Black Braces

Choosing green and black braces can give you a sophisticated edge. Black braces can make your teeth look whiter, and when combined with green, it’s striking. Those who wear a lot of dark colors or have darker skin tones might find this contrast appealing. Plus, both shades are stain-resistant.

Black and green braces

7. Green and Purple Braces

Combining green with purple braces can set you apart since they’re complementary colors that look fantastic together. Choose a shimmery purple, or go with a lighter, violet shade for a more cheerful look.

Purple and green braces

And that’s a wrap! Find anything you like? Let me know what your next color choice will be, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Whether you’re new to braces or a braces veteran, taking care of your teeth and gums during orthodontic treatment is crucial. That’s why I’ve put together a list of orthodontist-recommended tools that will make caring for your braces a breeze:

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