21 Red Braces Combos You HAVE to Try!

If you’re new to choosing colors for braces, red braces are one of those looks that show off your bold side. Picking the color red for your braces can really make your smile pop and draw attention. The good thing about red is that it often makes teeth look whiter.

Not all red shades are created equal though. Some are better suited for certain complexions, hair colors and even tooth colors. Whether you go for dark or vibrant red, we’ll help you choose the right shade or combination so you can express your personality.

And don’t worry, with braces you can change your colors every 4 to 6 weeks, so if you fancy trying something different at your next appointment, you can.

Choosing red might seem daring at first, especially if it’s not a color you wear often. But since you’ve got traditional braces, you might as well have some fun. After all, it’s going to be a long journey.

So, if you’re wondering whether red is a good color for braces, I’m happy to report that red is a fantastic choice. Red braces can make teeth look whiter by contrast and go great with different lipstick shades.

Red braces don’t stain like lighter shades might, which is a huge advantage. You can enjoy the same bold color for weeks to come.

If you’re wearing powerchains, red powerchains can look stunning on teeth and make them look whiter and give your smile a lively splash.

If you feel happy with a bold color, red might be just for you. It can be your little way of showing off your confidence every time you grin.

Red comes in more than just one shade, so you can really make your smile pop in a way that’s unique to you.

Before you decide, ask your orthodontist what they’ve got. Different brands have different shades, and your orthodontist can show you samples.

Regular red can give you a classic look that’s pretty hard to beat. If you want more heat, go for a hot red—it’s like the regular but with more punch. Coral red has that soft touch that’s amazing, especially in the spring.

For something deeper, a dark red like maroon or burgundy could be the way to go. These shades are less shouty but still awesome. If you go darker, there’s even plum. It’s so dark, it’s almost like a secret color.

Remember, each provider’s palette is unique. If you have a specific shade in your mind, tell your orthodontist, and they’ll help you find the closest match.

If you’re rocking red braces, picking the right shade can really complement your hair color. Whether you’re a brunette, a blonde, or a redhead, there’s a hue of red that can make your smile stand out in the best way.

For Brunettes: Your dark locks can handle bold colors. A deep, dark red for your braces can look stunning against your hair. It brings out the warmth in brown tones and adds a splash of style without clashing.

For Blondes: A bright or true red can create an eye-catching contrast with your light hair. It’s a combination that’s vibrant and fun, perfect for showing off your personality.

For Redheads: You might want to try a darker shade of red. This can complement your fiery hair without overwhelming it. Think of a burgundy or maroon—these shades are your friend when it comes to braces.

Choosing braces is like picking a great accessory. Your skin color can influence which shade of red will look best on you, much like you’d consider your skin tone when choosing a shade of lipstick.

If you have lighter skin, bright red shades can make your teeth shine. It’s a cool way to add some fun to your look! Think about the red that reminds you of strawberries; it’s playful and can truly make your smile stand out.

For darker skin tones, both maroon and burgundy are excellent choices. These shades create a stunning contrast against your skin, enhancing the natural warmth of your complexion. If you’re looking for something more flashy, hot red is awesome too. It’s bright and fun, and really makes your smile pop.

Red is versatile and pairs well with many colors, so let’s explore some striking combos to make your braces more interesting.

1. Black and Red

Black and red? That’s your classic rockstar vibe right there. Perfect for anyone who loves a bit of edge in their style. This combination is well suited for both girls and boys, and it is super stain resistant. Plus, if you have black framed glasses, it will be a perfect match.

2. Blue and Red

Think Superman vibes with this fun combo. It’s great for those days when you feel like showing off a bit of your heroic side. Blue creates a vibrant contrast for a look that’s flattering to almost everyone.

3. Royal Blue and Red

Royal blue adds sofistication and class, plus it goes great with red. Shades vary with different brands, so if you’re keen on choosing royal blue and red for your braces, make sure your orthodontist has the right shade in stock.

4. Baby Blue (Sky Blue) and Red

A gentle yet cheerful pair, offering a softer approach to bold red. If you like this combo, keep in mind that baby blue is a light color that can stain easily (it even turns green if you eat curry). Otherwise, I think it looks great!

5. Red and Navy

Navy and red? That’s preppy with a twist. Depending on the brand, navy elastic ties can go from a dark shade of blue to a more electric hue, so make sure you see a sample first.

6. Purple and Red

Totally out of the box and perfect for trendsetters. If you’re all about making a statement, this is your go-to. Purple adds sophistication without altering the appearance of red ties.

7. Red and Green

Forget Christmas – this combo is cool year-round. Just choose the right shade of red and green for your skin tone and you’re golden!

8. Gold and Red

Talk about bling for your braces! Red and gold is like the VIP section for your smile. Gold ties are sometimes hard to find, but if you’re a fan, make sure to ask your orthodontist to stock up!

9. Yellow and Red

For the bold and the brave, yellow and red are sunshine and passion combined. It’s a high-energy choice that’s sure to turn heads. While yellow on braces is not the most popular choice, yellow is the type of color that makes everything look better when added in the mix.

10. Orange and Red

Orange and red together? It’s like a sunset on your teeth. Perfect for those who love a bit of warmth in their smile. Fantastic for dark skin or for those of you who enjoy a vibrant red lipstick shade.

11. Red and Pink

Sweet but not too sugary – this combo is for those fun, whimsical days. Red and pink are both fun, stain-resistant braces colors that go well together and on their own.

12. Light Pink and Red

A touch of red with light pink gives a vibe that’s both cute and daring. Keep in mind that if the shade of pink is too light, you may end up with staining.

13. Hot Pink and Red

This is for the bold and the feminine. Hot pink and red scream, “Look at me!” in the best way possible. You’ll recognize hot pink by its electric, intense pigment.

14. Red and White

A classic duo that’s clean and sharp, and no, it’s not just for Christmas either. Take care not to stain your white ties, though. Like most other light ligatures, pigmented food and drinks can easily discolor them.

15. Red and Silver

Think red with a futuristic twist. This is more of a masculine choice that fits well with an edgy look. Silver is one of the timeless classics for adults, and red is the perfect way to spice them up.

16. Turquoise and Red

This combo is like a tropical holiday for your teeth. It’s unique, fresh, and totally eye-catching. Turquoise goes great with tan skin and doesn’t stain at all.

17. Teal and Red

A bit unusual but in the best way. Teal and red is for those who like to keep things interesting. Got any teal accessories or clothes to match?

18. Mint and Red

Who said braces can’t be refreshing? Mint and red together are like a cool breeze on a hot day. Mint is one of the shades that can stain, so be careful with your food choices.

19. Lavender and Red

Lavender and red are about being strong but feminine. It’s for when you want to stand out, but in a soft, elegant way.

20. Dark Green and Red

Dark green and red together create a look that’s both earthy and bold. It’s a more masculine option that will surely draw attention.

21. Violet and Red

Violet mixed with red offers a rich, royal vibe. This combo is a great way to add some personality to your smile.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of red braces combos and appreciate the visual clues of how everything goes together.

Which combo is your favorite and what will you try at your next appointments? Share your experience in the comments!

Whether you’re new to braces or a braces veteran, taking care of your teeth and gums during orthodontic treatment is crucial. That’s why I’ve put together a list of orthodontist-recommended tools that will make caring for your braces a breeze:

  • An awesome mid-range electric toothbrush. Rotating electric brushes are much more effective, in my opinion, than sonic ones. You can keep your teeth white by using whitening replacement heads.
  • A countertop water flosser to blast out food debris between teeth. I know handheld models are tempting, but you’ll need a lot of water. You can almost replace flossing with this and your gums will be healthier.
  • Braces accessories to get into all the nooks and crannies: straight or angled interdental brushes, floss threaders, orthodontic wax or silicone. For pain management, have gel ice packs handy, Orajel, and Mouth Magic (a cool soothing solution for mouth sores).
  • For clear aligner patients, a tool like PUL helps both remove and seat your aligner or retainer. Don’t forget to use a cleaning product like crystals to keep your trays fresh and hygienic.

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